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FOUND by julie

Major charm holder (small)

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There’s something so beautiful and so simple about one clean perfect circle. Coming full circle, that’s another thing of beauty. Having no beginning and no end…that’s magic. It’s why I designed the major charm holder to be a perfect circle. I added a bit of puff to it so it really has a presence in addition to its purpose. The Major charm holder in small will hold your precious charns while still looking modern and fresh all by itself. 

Pair it with your favorite chain (shown here with the original jewels chain). And you have an instantly unique and classic look. Add your favorite charms, totems and mantras to it and you have a statement piece that is all your own. Use it to guide you, inspire you and show off your incredible collection. Of course we adore it with the mama charm (pictured) but go ahead and stack a few of your faves, you can’t go wrong. 


14k yellow gold

outside diameter: 13.5mm

inside diameter: 9.5mm

thickness: 2.5mm

weight, hollow: 

closure: push in


*using this charm holder will add about 1/2” of length to your necklace.