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FOUND by julie

The Hestia Pendant

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As I prepared for my trip to Greece this summer. I started brushing up on the history of Greece, diving into the incredible, beautiful and sometimes heartbreakingly tragic stories of its Gods and Goddesses.

While reading, I came upon the story of Hestia, the Goddess of fire, hearth and home. Hestia’s greatest power is serenity inducement: the power to induce potent feelings of serenity in others, allowing her to keep everyone who surrounded her at total ease - an ability that she had inherited from her mother, Rhea. 

Because Hestia was the goddess of Hearth and Home, she was regarded as the fireplace of Mount Olympus, the home of the gods, and the hearth of all gods and goddesses themselves. She also personified the fire burning in Greek households. Hestia was the one welcoming people into their homes, while guarding and watching over them. Hestia is thought to have helped and taught the people of Greece to build their houses. This reinforced her status as the kindest and truest protector of home and family.

I created the Hestia pendant to celebrate those that bring peace and serenity to others, therefore bringing peace and serenity to themselves. As a mother, my happiest moments are when my family is together, enjoying each other and full of peace. I find my serenity comes largely from theirs and their peace starts with me, it is a reciprocal loop, that I know begins with me. If my energy is chaotic or negative, theirs will be too. As they grow, I pray that they pursue  peace within themselves, and that home is always a place where they feel their most loved, treasured, warm and full of ease.

Maybe bringing peace and serenity to your friends and family is your role too, or like most of us…you are also in pursuit of peace and ease in your own heart and life.

The Hestia pendant is designed to highlight the elements of peace, ease  and eternal flame. The insanely sparkly, firey diamond is enrobed in a buttery pillow of gold completely protected, while the claw prongs serve as added detail and security. The diamond itself, is a whopping 4 carat, DE color vs1-2 clarity ethically and sustainably sourced lab grown diamond. This fire, like Hestia’s, will burn forever, lighting up those that wear it and come into contact with it, for generations to come.

The Hestia pendant is made to order, and can be created in any size or shape stone you have in mind. Wear it as a daily reminder of your ability to bring peace and ease to the lives you touch, especially your own.

Allow for 6-8 weeks for delivery.

As each piece is custom made, no returns or exchanges permitted.