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FOUND by julie

The Shield Drip

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I’ve always been drawn to shields, the idea of protection, the simple solution of armor, the beauty of the word shelter. When I used to own an exercise studio, I talked a lot during my classes about how movement everyday helps to build up an invisible armor around you so that you can handle whatever comes your way that day…be it physical or mental, or most of the time…both.

Maybe your role right now is protector, you’ve got children, siblings, parents, or dear friends who need your protection. You want to shield them from pain, shelter them from things that are scary, protect them from being hurt. You are a warrior and you wear your shield to remind them and you, that you’ve got them, no matter what.

Or this season is one where you might feel the need for protection. There could be worry, or stress…maybe going through something nobody else knows about. You are a warrior and you wear your shield to remind yourself that you’ve got this and you will get through it all, no matter what.

Maybe you fall on both sides of this story. You are a protector who provides safety and shelter but you need a shield of your own sometimes. You too are a warrior that wants to put on your armor daily as reminder of your power, your ability to protect and your need for shielding  sometimes too.

The shield drip, made with lab grown trillion diamonds lavishly set in custom triple bezels is as striking in its beauty as it is in its meaning. Dangling and sparkling, each shield hangs from a 14k solid gold 4mm or 3.2mm ball chain. Each shield is made with a .40 point diamond set perfectly in its own custom bezel. 

This drip comes with 1 shield, add as many shields as you like! The Drip shown in pictures has 5 shields dangling a 4mm or ball chain.

14k Solid ball chain, choose from 4mm OR 3.2mm (4mm pictured)

Adjustable 16-18” long 

Each shield contains a .40 carat lab grown trillion diamond DE color vs1-2 clarity, set in a custom made triple bezel.

Weight varies based on number of shields chosen. The drip as pictured weighs 28g.

No returns or exchanges, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.