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FOUND by julie

The Snazzy Bangle Set + SIzers

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For those looking to dive right in to a stack of Snazzy's this one is for you! In the set, you will receive 3 snazzy bangles.  They must all be the same size but you can choose any color gold you like! A perfect gift to mark an anniversary, or catch up on your collecting (maybe one for each child, each decade of marriage, or how about each decade of life!).  Or maybe you just like the sound of 3 bangles gently clinking together!  Whatever your fancy, you'll get your choice of 3 bangles at a wonderfully reduced price. For a stack with different color golds please make a note of your choices when checking out.

When you purchase the Snazzy Bangle Set + Snazzy sizers, you are purchasing the set of 3 bangles, plus you will receive 3 sizers in mail to help determine your perfect size.  Once you have determined your size, just use the pre-packaged label and send back your sizers along with a note as to what size you would like to order. Sizers not returned within 30 days will be subject to a $50 fee. 


The Snazzy bangle is a simple classic. Buttery smooth, light and sturdy. Beautiful worn alone and even better when stacked with multiple snazzy’s. Get one to represent each family member, or to mark each birthday, anniversary and special milestone in your life. You’ll never take them off, and you’ll never tire of their shine, their sound and their meaning. 

The Snazzy bangle is named after my Grandfather….aptly nicknamed by my eldest cousin before I was born. To get one glimpse of him was to understand where the endearing term came from. Hair perfectly slicked back, always elegantly dressed and freshly shaved. He was a character with a quick wit and a booming laugh. He loved his nickname just like he loved his four granddaughters who he lovingly called his princesses, and he signed every card “Love, THE SNAZZ”.  He always carried heavy 50 cent pieces in his pocket and he’d give you one as a trade for a peck on the cheek. 

The change jingling in his pocket always let you know where he was, and if he was heading your way. That comforting sound reminds me very much of the sound of bracelets clinking together as you move through your day. I have worn bangles like the snazzy bangle for years. My kids know their sound, it is all at once comforting, light, steady and beautiful. 


2mm round

Solid 14k gold (yellow, rose or white)

10-12g (dependent upon size) 

The bangle is one solid piece made from a wax mold, not made with wire, no solder marks. 

Incredibly sturdy, will not bend with regular 24/7 wear.  

For now, the Snazzy bangle comes in 3 sizes

x-small 2.00” internal diameter

small 2.25” internal diameter

medium 2.5” internal diameter 

These bangles are meant to be worn 24/7. In the shower, the pool, at the gym….wherever life takes you. As such, they might be a little tough to squeeze into (I have to put olive oil on my hand before taking them off and putting them on). To determine your size, close your hand as tightly as you can tucking your thumb and pinkie towards one another under your palm and have a friend measure around the widest part (usually around your knuckles)

6” and smaller should order x-small, 7-8” should order small and 9-10” should order medium.   If you have sizing questions or need a custom size, send an email to, we are happy to accommodate. If you are unsure of your size, order the Snazzy + Sizer to get a kit that will help you determine your perfect fit.

 *All orders are custom and therefore not returnable or exchangeable