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The Graduate Pendant

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I was young when my Grandmother Ruth passed away. Though sadly, I don’t have many memories with her, I do remember her jewels. I remember her lavish dressing table and playing with her costume jewelry whenever we visited her. 

Grandma Ruth had one ring in particular that was truly a marvel. It had 4 stones, 3 diamonds and an emerald. When she passed, her will dictated that each of her 4 grandchildren were to chose a stone from that ring. Being the youngest of the four, I got last pick. My mom chose for me and held onto it for over a decade. I never saw it, nor did I know I had inherited anything at all! 

Upon my college graduation, my mom gave me the diamond in an amazing setting that she had thought about and designed in her mind for over a decade. The setting, is double bezel: a delicately thin white gold bezel on the inside, wrapped in a thick buttery layer of yellow gold on the outside. Needless to say this incredibly thoughtful gift from my mom on such a special day….knocked me off my feet. Though I had “last pick” the diamond I got was a stunner and it never mattered because it was once owned by a wonderful woman and sat next to my cousins stones for nearly 60 years. The setting my mom designed actually made my 1 carat Diamond look twice it’s size! I put it on that day and have rarely taken it off since. 

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about this pendant, and where can people get it. I finally created it so that all of you can have your very own! 

The Graduate pendant is the perfect way to celebrate ANY moment  in your life. Maybe you “graduated” from your first job, or from law school, maybe your first born graduated from diapers or your best friend graduate from her 40’s. No matter the reason (and “just because” is a perfect one too) this statement piece is going to make any Diamond you choose, pop like fire and will be a memento you treasure forever. 

Details for setting a 1 carat round stone 

14k white gold inner bezel

14k yellow gold outer bezel (can be made with white gold) 

12.7mm width

20.5mm tall. with bail.

bail large enough to accommodate up to 6mm chain 

pricing is for 1 carat round setting. Larger, smaller or different shape setting prices will vary. Please email with “custom order” in the subject line for specific requests. Chains pictured here are not included this is for the pendant only. 

All items are custom made and are cannot be returned or exchanged. 

allow at least 3-4 weeks for delivery.